Keith Joubert

South Africa

About Keith Joubert

Joubert was born in South Africa in 1948, and passed away in 2013. He was the younger brother to wildlife filmmaker and conservationist, Dereck Joubert.

He loved spending time in the bush so much, that he abandoned city life all together and moved in to the Selati Game Reserve, where he worked from his studio located there.

Day_s End 42.5x63

 Believing that possessions complicated his life, he settled for his four-wheel drive vehicle, tent and camp bed. Joubert loved spending time in the bush, where he could constantly study his subject matter. Such passion is visibly seen throughout his paintings.

Joubert was the first impressionistic artist in the wildlife art subject. As such, he will continue to gain more fame for creating the then new style of work. Today, there is a few artists re-creating and re-inventing their own concept of impressionist wildlife art. 

There is something gentle, yet powerful in his artworks, that one never tires of seeing. Joubert’s art truly bring a peace to the viewer, while at the same time telling a story that can be interpreted and defined by the viewer. 

There are very few paintings of his left in the market, as most are already owned by private collectors. The shortage is of course caused by many people wishing to hold on to their paintings and wait for Joubert’s arts to appreciate, or to keep them as well for the joy they bring to their homes and every day lives. His artwork is light and beautiful to look at with something new to see every time you steal a glance.