Larry Norton

Victoria Falls

About Larry Norton

Larry is an internationally recognized African Wildlife artist who was born in Zimbabwe in 1963.

He grew up on a farm in the north east of the country. His early interest in painting continued while studying for an agricultural degree in Australia and later, while working as a white water rafting guide on the Zambezi River.


Warthogs with Elephant

In 1988 he began a professional painting career and since then he has exhibited around the world including several exhibitions in New York, London, Austria, South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

He specializes in oils, water color, charcoal and pencil paintings of Wildlife art and African landscape especially Victoria Falls, where he resides. He travels extensively on field trips all over the world to gather material for future paintings.

The artist is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and has undertaken a number of his own expeditions in pursuit of material for his paintings. Larry is deeply involved in various fund raising for charity including his current drive to raise money for Hwange National Park. 

His artworks are displayed in museums worldwide and have been featured in many books. 

Larry has a passion for nature, and it shows throughout his paintings with the attention to detail that is given. He enjoys spending time in the wilderness, and is constantly looking for new subjects to paint. 

As Simon Combe’s understudy, we truly believe that he now carries the torch of the best realist artist in the world.