Michael Ghaui


About Michael Ghaui

Born in 1950, and brought up on a farm in Tanzania, Mike Ghaui has spent his life painting and sculpting the rich diversity of wildlife to be found in East Africa. Ghaui’s work has a striking vitality and he brings an authenticity to African Wildlife Art that only a long time love of Africa can.

Ghaui currently resides in Kenya. He is a great painter, and exceptional at creating sculptures of African wildlife. He is known for having done a 12ft tall at the shoulder, life size elephant sculpture that once stood in Gloucestershire, England. It is his career-defining piece that is known as The Great Ruaha Tusker, that is actually now kept on a private ranch here in Texas. Mike would one day like to see the Artist’s Copy of this sculpture placed in a big city, where it would raise awareness of the plight of this magnificent species.

Watchful Eye - 48x40

His art is exhibited world wide, and he is a very well recognized artist in the industry. 

As an artist, Mike is impressively versatile. His paintings are oil on linen canvases, ranging from loose, sepia sketches to more detailed finished works, whilst his sculptures are modelled in various mixtures of clay, they are cast in bronze and sterling silver at Pangolin Editions Foundry in Gloucestershire. The best foundry in England. 

Among his greatest influences as an artist, he acknowledges Terence Cuneo, Wilhelm Kuhnert, Rembrandt Bugatti and, in the early days, David Shepherd. 

He is well known in galleries in New York and New Mexico here in the US, but has had exhibitions worldwide dedicated to his arts alone. He is by far, one of the greatest living wildlife artists that is seen in Africa today.